The Bluegrass Democrat

Thursday, February 10, 2005

How the FCC and the far right are reversing American values

Bills in congress right now could increase the maximum fine for an instance of indecency from $32,000 to $500,000. On an episode of Family Guy, Stewie's naked butt was censored, but Fox still took a financial hit from the FCC. Due to the incredible increase of complaints (from a few dozen to over a million), the FCC is forming a huge beaurocracy and automating their system of fine imposition. No judge, no jury; fine--do not pass go, do not collect $200.

What scares me as a young American is that the right wing has hijacked something that people died for. Even John McCain, every Democrat's favorite Republican, has horrific views on censorship. Europe is airing commericials that would get an American film an 'X' rating, which further symbolizes our cultural regression. Indeed, this Flowers for Algernon regression is a recurring theme with the right. Balanced budget: gone. Civil liberties: gone. Intelligent taxation: gone. Now, they are trying to purify everything with their Evangelical concepts of broadcast purity.

All the while, we are idly sitting by as this is happening. Focus on the Family is wielding more power in media than the entire Democratic party. The p.r. wings of the Republican party are taking over all facets of the media, who knows what's next?

Friday, February 04, 2005


OK, everyone has their panties in a wad over comments made by the Marine General about how he enjoyed shooting members of the Taliban forces. Personally, I am glad that this guy is on our side. Who could defend us and the world better than I bunch of crazy badasses? I mean, he wasn't exactly delivering a Shakesperean sonnet or anything, but seriously, it could be worse--he could be on their side.

I don't have the same compassion for humanity that many Democrats have; don't get me wrong, I am pro -rights, but people that are grossly inhumane, such as the Taliban, should be killed. People that rape and kill little kids should be killed. I understand people's arguments, but at some point, we, as a just society, must draw a line in the sand. The Taliban was a horrible regime; they provided unrivaled support to al-Qaida, they horrifically abused women in their society, and they prevented progress among their own people. They should be shot, and if this general doesn't want to do it, give me a gun.